Windows Time Service on your Primary Domain Controller

by Scosby Friday, May 1, 2009

So, this isn't configured out of the box for your forest. Interesting.

You can set this up via Group Policy or the command-line. Tech-net suggests the command-line. So that's what i did. But, you can break it if you first mucked with the GPO's (like I did). But MS Support saved the day:

Do this to begin with:

For peers: "" or "". I used NIST's ntp server, don't know why but i did.


Then from your client machines connected to the domain, they should use the PDC as an authoritative source. MS says do this:

I did the following on my client:

w32tm /config /syncfromflags:domhier /update

But then called w32tm /resync instead of using the "Net" command to restart the w32tm service. The /update switch on the first command should take care of that. And indeed, my client resynced with the domain controller's time clock. MAGIC!

I'll throw up a PowerShell script tomorrow :) or maybe Sunday...who knows.


FYI - gpupdate /force is a great way to immediately test your Group Policy changes, but is very dangerous if you're silly and do something stupid. So use with caution.

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