Changing the port for SharePoint 2010 Central Administration

by Scosby Tuesday, September 21, 2010

After reading a rather ridiculous blog post, where the author's solution was to create Alternate Access Mappings, I thought I'd address how to change the port with less confusion. 

Using the Set-SPCentralAdministration cmdlet, you can change the port hosting your Central Administration web application. You can easily change it as follows:

Set-SPCentralAdministration –Port 8282 

You can read more about the Set-SPCentralAdministration cmdlet here:

In conclusion, I find a browser bookmark is quite capable of getting me to Central Admin with a single click on the Favorites Bar. This is a quick and easy solution that relieves me from having to remember what port is hosting Central Admin. However, I understand the need to change it may arise and PowerShell is there is save the day!

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